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Prose & Codes

Explore the wonderful world of books through deceptively simple ciphers · By Hero Game Co


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FREE 16 Cipher Update!
Happy New Year! Celebrate with 16 brand new ciphers to puzzle over :) Happy solving!...
5 files — v1.3.5
Small Patch v 1.3.4
Hello! Just a few fixes in this patch: fixed a typo in Edgar Allan Poe's name fixed a typo in Israel Zangwill's name fixed a bug where using UNDO a lot could re...
5 files — v1.3.4
New Ciphers + Small Fixes
Hello everyone! Today's small patch includes: 24 new ciphers! updated Adventure quote #4 fixed cipher count text wrap issue on the profiles screen Happy solving...
5 files — v1.3.3
2 more Great Thinkers ciphers plus bug fixes!
Hello! This update includes two more Great Thinkers ciphers (for those who needed 52 ;) ) and a fix for a rare bug where solved letters could disappear, making...
5 files — v1.3.1
FREE Great Thinkers Update!
We're so excited to share a brand new genre full of 50 new ciphers: GREAT THINKERS! Decode quotes from some of history's most influential thinkers, ranging all...
5 files — v1.3
1.2.3 Patch Notes + 14 new ciphers!
Included in this patch are the following fixes and updates: added 14 new ciphers! fixed typo in the title of "The Wendigo" fixed typo in synopsis of "Tanglewood...
5 files — v1.2.3
Patch notes & updates!
Hello! User-friendly Updates added a little arrow above the active letter box to make keyboard navigation easier letter boxes will now stay active when changing...
10 files — demo v1.2.2, v1.2.2
Prose & Codes - OUT NOW!
Prose & Codes is now available with 10% launch discount! Explore the wonderful world of books through deceptively simple ciphers! A portion of every sale will g...
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Thank you so much for trying Prose & Codes! If you found a bug, let me know what happened in as much detail as possible...
started by Hero Game Co May 25, 2021
5 replies
I just finished playing and completing the demo, and I love it! What first drew me to Prose & Codes was the user interfa...
started by Katy133 Aug 04, 2021
3 replies
Really enjoyed the quotes and selection of novels and authors. Wished for some Hemmingway, Naruda, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dos...
started by Klio May 29, 2021
1 reply